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We provide comprehensive nursing services that include a range of assessments and care for individuals with diverse healthcare needs. Our experienced nursing team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and person-centred care. Here are some of the nursing services we offer:

Wound Care: Our nursing staff is skilled in assessing and managing various types of wounds, including surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, and more.Continence Assessment: We conduct thorough assessments to evaluate and manage continence issues. Our nursing team collaborates with individuals to develop personalized continence management plans, which may include interventions, advice on lifestyle modifications, and support in using continence aids.

Cognitive Impairment Assessment (PAS): We offer comprehensive cognitive impairment assessments (PAS). These assessments help identify and understand the cognitive abilities, strengths, and challenges of individuals with cognitive impairments, enabling us to provide appropriate care and support.

Medication Support Plan: Our nursing team assists in developing personalized medication support plans. This includes medication management, administration, dosage monitoring, and ensuring adherence to prescribed medication regimens.

Catheter Care: We provide expert care for individuals who require catheterization.Our nursing staff is trained in catheter care, including insertion, maintenance, and monitoring for any signs of infection or complications.

Tracheostomy Care: Our nursing team is experienced in providing comprehensive care for individuals with tracheostomies. This includes routine tracheostomy care, suctioning, dressing changes, and monitoring, etc.

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